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this being human

Okanagans teach that the body is Earth itself. Our flesh, blood, and bones are Earth-body; in all cycles in which Earth moves, so does our body. We are everything that surrounds us, including the vast forces we only glimpse’.  Jeanette Armstrong.

We can see that we live in times of great change, challenge and opportunity.  As human beings we are being called from every direction to wake up, appreciate the beauty of life and realise that our human lives and the healing we seek is completely interwoven with the lives and wellbeing of all other beings; trees, water, people, animals, plants, sky, soil, birds, mountains.  The perplexity, sorrow, anxiety, uncertainty and grief we may feel isn't a mistake, and when turned towards with kindness and curiosity can be a doorway to deeper intimacy with life and healing. Simply being alive now brings us face to face with some gritty questions; What really matters to you, what bothers you deeply, what makes your heart sing, what gives and sustains life, and how are you going to live more in alignment with what really matters? Joanna Macy, environmental activist, author and deep ecologist calls these times The Great Turning

The changes needed for a world, a life, in balance and harmony start with our own hearts and minds and awareness of what we are aligned with in each moment.  You are your own medicine, and many have forgotten this.  My work is to remind you and accompany you as you explore the landscapes of your life, the great mystery, and come deeply home to your true nature and the Original Mother we all share, Earth.

🌿  Wholearth Psychotherapy calls us home through the web of life within which our human relationships exist; in kinship with all beings. 

🌿  Craniosacral Therapy is a restorative practice grounded in deep listening that calls us home through the wisdom and stories of our body.

🌿  Reclaiming the Wise Woman calls us home through Body and Earth in a cycle of 8 sessions that can include; creating ceremony, drum journey, walks of awareness, meditation, craft, grief & gratitude.

🌿 Spiritual Accompaniment an ancient conversation between fellow travellers.



In my early 20s feeling utterly dislocated and deeply unhappy, suffering manifested as an eating disorder. On waking one morning in the depths of despair, I realised change was needed, even though I had no idea what to do next.  And so began this extraordinary and ongoing odyssey, here for us all.

Over the years my deep love of Earth-based spirituality took me into Shamanic study, training and Vision Quests. I have been a foster carer and for many years worked with people living with life-threatening illness and their families, including being part of the Maggie’s Cancer Care Centre team in Oxford. I have worked therapeutically within the NHS and the voluntary sector. Since 1998 I have been engaged in meditation practice and spent extended time on silent retreats. The fruits of these practices are woven into the individual sessions and retreats and courses I offer.

Stepping into my 50s has been a rite of passage, something akin to becoming apprentice to 'the old woman in the woods'.  I have a particular interest in accompanying women through a soulful menopause. Year-round wild swimming, walking, movement practice, myth, creating ceremony and exploring ways of living in balance and harmony with all my relations, keep calling me home.

I am a UKCP registered Psychotherapist with Masters Degrees in Core Process Psychotherapy and Critical Theory (Arts), and a B. A. in Fine Art.  I have a Diploma in Craniosacral Therapy.

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