Reclaiming the Wise Woman

 a journey through body and earth


One night there is a heartbeat at the door.
Outside, a woman in the fog,
with hair of twigs and a dress of weed,
dripping green lake water.
She says “I am you,
and I have travelled a long distance
come with me, there is something I must show you…”


Clarissa Pinkola Estes

We start to feel the pad of Wise Woman's huge, muddy, bare feet👣 around mid life, perimenopause, or sometimes earlier - at times of deep change, transformation, shedding skins and shape shifting...

She is the one who follows Moon's cycles, dances and drums on the fullest of Moons and plants seeds of inspiration and food on the newest of Moons.  Wise Woman has her hands in the soil, smelling, tasting, touching its texture, colour and moist beauty, then marvelling at the slithering, crawling, burrowing creatures who make this their home.  She's the one up early, or late, swimming in River Moonlight, the one grieving loss, celebrating life, drinking tea or dancing with uncertainty.

Wise Woman (bean feasa) 'Woman of Knowledge' in Gaelic folk traditions, is your instincts, body wisdom, your nurturer and warrior.  She's the Earth Dreaming, the ceremonialist and the courage of your heart to face change.  She's the flame🔥 in your fire, the rest in your sleep, your creative, healer, gardener🐝 and story weaver. She knows how to listen to the wisdom of Earth, pour gratitude into Tree's roots and sees life reflected in Water's 💦 ebb and flow.  Wise Woman is of place, and will help you find your way home to your creaturely body and the loamy soil of your belonging. She moves as life's cycle, walks between the worlds, and she's waiting for you to say Yes! to her calling, so that she can accompany you, as the perfection that you are, into older age and beyond...

Wise Woman is a beloved daughter of the Callieach, an eminent Celtic ancestor.  The Callieach, often known as the Veiled One, Midwife of Winter or Crone, is both Divine Hag and Creator Deity; she throws boulders out of her apron pockets creating the mountains and hills. We will draw inspiration from her wild Well of Earthy wisdom.

We are all indigenous to Earth. In these times many people are seeking authentic practices and rituals to honour the ways and generosity of Earth, our Original Mother, and to live in greater appreciation, alignment and intimacy with the diversity and cycles of regenerative, thriving life. We are being called to awaken to the Unity of life and the rising Deep Feminine Wisdom that the world so fiercely needs at this time.

                      Reclaiming the Wise Woman Sessions


This voyage into and through Body and Earth happens over a cycle of 8 two hour sessions, as we awaken and cultivate our living relationship with Earth in kinship with all beings. These sessions can happen fortnightly or monthly depending on preference and availability.  The sessions can include;


🌿 Walks of Awareness

🌿 Drum Journey

🌿 Meditation

🌿 Honouring of Ancestors

🌿 Creating Ceremony

🌿 Exploring Story & Myth

🌿 Crafting

🌿 Imaginal Explorations

🌿 Embodied Movement

🌿 Grief & Gratitude

🌿 Introduction to foraging and making tinctures

Reclaiming the Wise Woman is inspired and informed by many years of training, exploration, experimentation and deep practice, and in 2019 birthed Woven, a year-long course guided by the Celtic Wheel of the Year.