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Woven - reclaiming the Wise Woman

A year-long, soul inspired course for women guided by the Celtic Wheel of the Year

Women gathering together in sacred circles are part of the old ways. 

We gather in ceremony to mark life’s cycles, the crossing of thresholds and to witness and welcome the unseen parts of our journeys. We gather to seed, grow and nurture diverse, creative, communities in the service of regenerative thriving life.



We are woven by life into life as life.  The old Celtic calendar is an Earth-based living matrix of wisdom and wellbeing in the form of a wheel.  It’s in the soil, it’s in our bones, offers a way to find our bearings, reflect on balance and harmony, and explore our utter dependency on our Original Mother, Earth. Mirroring the evolution of soul as it journeys through the seasons of life, the Celtic Wheel calls us to presence, conscious embodiment, gratitude, ceremony, community and service.


During the year-long course we gather together 8 times (approximately every 6 weeks) for a day-long retreat plus summer camp, around the Solstices, Equinox’s and Cross Quarter days. Your learning, and the course continues between each of our gatherings through the integration practices (Earthworks), sent out mid-way between each gathering, through your personal practice, study and discoveries, and through 1-1 sessions with me. 

Through the Woven voyage we enter into kinship.  Within the circle of our coming together, in our openness and vulnerability, is our courage and strength.  We lean into and support our circle of Sisters, and through them our wider communities of kith and kin. Curiosity, an open heart & mind, respect, a sense of humour, a willingness to share, practice deep listening, abide in beginner’s mind, and be committed to a depth exploration through attending all the sessions will support your participation and enrichment of this journey.

The next course begins in March 2024

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Woven was birthed in 2019 from many years of training, exploration, experimentation and deep practice, and is offered in the service of healing our sense of separation and regenerative thriving life.

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