Retreats Trainings & Workshops

I have a great love of working with groups and the richness of learning and discovery that can happen as people feel safe to share and explore their experiences.  Some of the groups I offer are open to all, some specifically for women and some are for professionals, often other therapists and practitioners.

Groups and events happen throughout the year and include:

 🌿Nature-based, creative contemplative retreat days

🌿 Woven, a Year long course for women based on the Celtic Wheel of the year

🌿 Womb-Belt Weaving workshops, a rite of passage, weaving Women back into matter. Originator -

      Azul Thome

🌿 Common Ground, practitioner training exploring an Embodied Approach to working outside with           people in our broader nature

🌿 Monthly - New Moon Earth Dreaming Meditations & Drum Journey gatherings via Zoom

🌿 Discovering Unity Courses through the Chisholme Institute

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