Retreats Trainings & Workshops

I have a great love of working with groups and the richness of learning and discovery that can happen as people feel safe to share and explore their experiences.  Some of the groups I offer are open to all, some specifically for women and some are for professionals, often other therapists and practitioners.

Groups and events happen throughout the year and include:

 🌿Nature-based, creative contemplative retreat days

🌿 Woven, a Year long course for women based on the Celtic Wheel of the year.  The next course

      starts July 2022

🌿 Womb-Belt Weaving workshops, a rite of passage, weaving Women back into matter. Originator -

      Azul Thome

🌿 Ecotherapy Trainings, practitioner training exploring an Embodied Approach to working outside           with people in our broader nature

🌿 Monthly - New Moon Earth Dreaming Meditations & Drum Journey gatherings via Zoom

🌿 Discovering Unity Courses through the Chisholme Institute

      Next EventThe Speech of Earth -  Dartmoor, Devon, October 2022.  Bookings now being taken

                            through the Karuna Institute-  www.karunadartmoor.co.uk

                             Woven - encountering the Wise Women, a year long course for women guided by                               the Celtic Wheel of the Year.  Starting July 2022, email me for course information,                                   bookings now being taken.

    Previous retreats are shown below the flyers for these 2 events

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