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Spiritual Accompaniment


Spiritual Accompaniment is an ancient conversation between fellow travellers that can take many forms. It is as relevant today as it was when our ancestors gazed up at the stars in awe, wondering who they were and the nature of reality.

The space I offer in Spiritual Accompaniment is one of embodied deep listening, where the questions themselves are valued doorways to the greater intimacy that is often being sought, and that is seeking us. We commonly turn to spiritual support or tending the soul at times of change, uncertainty or perplexity.  We may feel unclear about our path or practices and want to explore this, or we may feel that the relationship we once had with the Divine, Beloved, God, Great Spirit, is changing, which may feel troubling, or liberating.

I weave your name on the loom of my mind

to clean and soften ten thousand threads

       and to comb the twists and knots of my thoughts       


This contemplative process offers a safe space to question, doubt, unfurl and feel as you explore this mystery of being human and the unique relationship that you have in your life with the Beloved. As this movement of love is explored you may find this well-spring within becomes a closer source of guidance and beneficence, present in the ebb and flow of your daily life. Turning towards the body and the felt-sense of discomfort or agitation, and being willing to be surprised, creates space for what wants to be known and realised. Through this process you may experience a deepening intimacy with the One that is closer to you than your breath.


 What might you explore?

🌿 Meditation

🌿 Transitions and thresholds

🌿 Grief, Loss, Gratitude

🌿 Silence

🌿 Ecological crisis and web of life

🌿 Ways of praying

🌿 Being highly sensitive

🌿 Soul loss

🌿 Seeking a more contemplative way of living

This ancient conversation has over millennia happened around the fire-pit, under the stars, around the hearth, whilst walking in the woods and inside a specifically prepared room.  I offer Spiritual Accompaniment both inside and outside in our broader nature, walking, sitting, exploring.


Spiritual Accompaniment can provide


🌿 A creative safe space to explore difficulties, delights and questions

🌿 Guidance

🌿 Resources

🌿 A space to reflect upon and be seen in your spiritual journey


🌿 1-1 sessions last for an hour, often happen monthly and can happen at intervals that suit you.

🌿  I offer group retreats and co-correlate 7-week Discovering Unity courses in Oxford, which are     currently happening on Zoom, as part of the Chisholme Institute's on-line programme.


My engagement with spiritual accompaniment has grown organically over the last 20 years. I am a registered Contemplative Psychotherapist, retreat facilitator and mentor. I was raised a Roman Catholic, and whilst I don’t locate myself in this tradition today, I appreciate having been opened to acts of devotion, prayer and the Divine Feminine in the form of Mary at an early age. I live a lay life with family and have a strong orientation to a nature-based, vibrant contemplative way of living. Many years of meditation practice - initially in the Buddhist traditions, silent retreats and Vision Quests bring a quality of soulful, reflective groundedness to my life and work.

Photo credit (top) Greg Mook

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