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Spiritual Accompaniment

Spiritual Accompaniment or Spiritual Counselling is an ancient conversation between fellow travellers that can take many forms. We ponder the same questions today as our ancestors did sittiing around fires gazing up at the stars in awe, wondering who they were and the nature of reality.

The space I offer for Spiritual Accompaniment is heart centred embodied deep listening.  You may feel unclear about your spiritual path or practices, or feel that the relationship you once had with the Divine, Beloved, God, Great Spirit, Great Mother, is changing, or unavailable to you.  The questions and perplexities you feel are valued doorways to your inner wisdom, and the great mystery, that is also seeking you. ​


‘The longing you express is the return message. 

The grief you cry out from draws you towards union’.

                                                    Jelaluddin Rumi


This embodied contemplative process offers a safe space to question, doubt, unfurl, feel, and create, as you explore this mystery of being human.  By simply being alive we encounter uncertainty, change, growth, suffering, joy, relationships, insights, death and all the seasons and cycles of life. Deeper than all of this, and not other than this, the radiance of our original nature awaits to welcome us home.

​What might you explore?

🌿 Meditation

🌿 Transitions and thresholds

🌿 Grief, Loss, Gratitude

🌿 Silence

🌿 Ecological crisis and web of life

🌿 Ways of praying

🌿 Being highly sensitive

🌿 Feeling stuck

🌿 Soul loss

🌿 Journeying

🌿 A more contemplative way of living

Spiritual Counselling can happen both inside and outside in our broader nature; walking, sitting, exploring, making, writing. Sessions last for an hour, often happen monthly and can happen at intervals that suit you.

This body of work has grown organically over the last 20 years as I have accompanied people with diverse spiritual and religious backgrounds and needs, and those who walk a path with no particular name. I was raised as a catholic in the U.K. and whilst this is not the path I now follow, I appreciate having been opened to acts of devotion, the divine feminine and prayer at an early age. I am a registered contemplative psychotherapist  and have a daily meditation practice informed by Buddhism and Earth-based spiritualities. Over the last 25 years I have spent extend time on silent retreats and on Vision Quests.


This diverse garden of experiences and training informs the space I offer for you to explore what matters and what gives meaning to your life.

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