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Psychotherapy - a Wholearth Approach

The psychotherapy I offer is relational, grounded in embodied awareness and deep listening. It weaves together depth psychology, ecology, relational mindfulness and spirituality.

I recognises that we all experience suffering and feel challenged by life at times. It is healthy to seek accompaniment and space to explore what matters.  Much of the suffering we experience comes from a sense of feeling separate, a sense of lack or not belonging.  This may express itself as; anxiety, trauma, depression, ongoing grief, overwhelm, difficulty in relationships or a loss of orientation to what matters.


In sessions we open too, allow and gently investigate the suffering you are experiencing by turning towards your direct bodily experience, without any agenda. Unconscious or repressed layers and sensations may begin to surface.  These expressions are simply received for what they are. In time, old life-limiting patterns of thinking, relating and behaving, that stifle your wellbeing, creativity and inhibit your relationships with yourself, other people, Earth and the wider than human world, naturally begin to unfurl. As the suffering loosens its grip, more of your true, authentic being becomes present in the world accompanied by a greater sense trusting the rightness of life.  The natural radiance of who you are, our shared essential  nature, becomes obscured by the suffering we experience.  It is however never lost, and always waiting to welcome us home.


Many moons ago whilst completing my Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy M.A. on Dartmoor, I experienced myself in relationship with the whole biosphere of Moor; granite rocks, ice-cold streams, sky, soil, trees and animals. Initially I was shocked to realise that everything was alive with its own voice and soulful intelligence, aware of our presence and communicating. This moment of glimpsing the essential nature we all share with the living, breathing, animate Earth, has creatively shaped the pathway of my work and orientation to life over the last 15 years.

'You were born into beauty as beauty for Joyful life'

Pat McCabe (Woman Stands Shining)

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Photo credit (top) Alex Limberg

For individual therapy the initial session happens inside the therapy room where we discuss what brings you to psychotherapy at this time and what you are looking for.  Subsequent sessions can happen outside in our broader nature throughout the year or inside the therapy room. Sessions can include walking, sitting, talking, exploring myth, story, dreams and movement. I work in different locations around Oxfordshire near meadow, mound, trees and water with individuals and groups.

I also offer workshops, trainings and mentoring to therapists and practitioners looking to start, or build their practice, and for those who want to explore an Embodied Approach to working outside in our broader nature. See the Retreats and Workshops page.


​🌿 Reflections on Ecotherapy from the Woods, Tariki Ecotherapy Conference May 2021, youtube link -


🌿 A Wholearth Approach - article written for Thresholds magazine - March 2018, the journal for the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

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