Reclaiming the Wise Woman

One night there is a heartbeat at the door.
Outside, a woman in the fog,
with hair of twigs and a dress of weed,
dripping green lake water.
She says “I am you,
And I have travelled a long distance
come with me, there is something I must show you…”
She turns to go, her cloak falls open,
Suddenly golden light…everywhere, golden light….

Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Woman who lives under the Lake.


We need not travel far to meet with Her, for She is already within you.  She cares not for your age, status or education, for She lives beyond time, form and thought. She cares only that you acknowledge Her and start to trace the thread of Her presence within and around you.  She's ancient and new-born in One and Her voice has many tongues, that you've heard, and over-looked many times. She's the crackle of fire, whisperings of wind, longings and passions, sadness and joy, caw of crow and she's the earth of the garden you tend.  She's the ever present deep stillness and silence of being, gesture of Kwan Yin and presence of Mary.

We will explore your meeting and deepening relationship with the Wise Woman in ways that speak to you including a combination of; meditation, river walks, drum journey, craniosacral therapy, creating simple ceremony and reflective conversation.  This process happens over a cycle of 8, one and a half hour sessions.