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I found working with Ally inspiring, comforting and she skilfully challenged me when this was needed. I was able to really think about my values and beliefs with her support and wisdom. Then I could engage more deeply and risk letting go off old unnecessary patterns. Ally was open, honest, vulnerable and totally non-judgemental. Her way of working and calm nature encouraged my own insights so that I didn’t just follow another set of beliefs. - Nancy.

Ally is able to hold a connection with complete attention which feels very safe. She hears the unsaid as much as what is being openly expressed and she has the knack of sometimes dropping in a question that is disarmingly simple and honest; and the question calls out to be answered with complete honesty because it leads to the heart of what I am exploring. - Paul.

I first had the pleasure of meeting Ally about 10 years ago when I joined a meditation group she was hosting. When I hear Ally speak I often find myself thinking "yes that's what I meant!" or "that's a fascinating way of looking at something!" or "How true! Ally has a gentle strength, is non-judgemental, kind and insightful. I am always keen to participate in any meditation groups or courses she is facilitating. I find myself nourished by being in her company. Ally has a sense of humour too, and in the midst of some fairly deep discussion or thinking, you know laugher could skip in and breathe fresh air into the moment. – Elouise.

I have found Ally inspiring to work with. She has a way of carrying the outside within her which invites you to listen and wake up from the everyday. I have learnt a lot about presence from her. I have enjoyed exchanging ideas about how to helpfully be with people coping with cancer. She brings a spring-like energy and enthusiasm, a glowing summer’s warmth, an autumnal clarity and depth, and a winter’s freshness. If you want to connect with some-one who will broaden your view of your place in this world you should meet Ally. - Faith.

A place of safety

That familiar space that holds me still
The soft warm light that greets me
The same colour pencils awaits my fingers
The cool calm stones to ground me.
A space to rest a while
Just to sit and to be
To allow the jangling of the day
To settle down within my seat.
To hear the gentle voice that
Eases me into this place of safety
Telling me to breathe my body
The body breathing me.
Into the world.

- Ilyra

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