Transpersonal psychotherapy

A whole earth approach

Transpersonal psychotherapy recognises the interconnectedness of life, that we are not a problem to be solved.  We are embodied mystery seeking to know her or his self as the unique expressions that we are.  As we cease trying to run away from, override, suppress, or over analyse, what we call suffering, stress or trauma, our whole body, nervous system and heart can start to relax and re-orient to the inherent health and wisdom of Being that is always present and often concealed. 

Many years ago on Dartmoor whilst training as a psychotherapist, I experienced myself in relationship with the Moor, with the Earth.  Initially I was shocked to realise that everything around me was alive in its own way; the whole landscape of people, animals, sky and trees.

This moment of recognition has over the years become integrated and embodied to become the essence of the healing work to come.  In recent years the term ‘ecopsychology’ is often used to describe this whole earth approach.  And so it is within the safety, containment and spaciousness of the therapeutic relationship that we soulfully explore, without judgement or agenda what matters to you.  What we call suffering appears in many forms in life; we may know it as grief and loss, anxiety, fear, uncertainty, ecoside, relationship challenges, serious illness or addictions.  By turning towards the felt-sense of our embodied experience in the moment in all its shades of ease and discomfort, what initially felt limited, alone and unbearable becomes a threshold to a greater intimacy with ourself, our loved ones and the whole circle of life.

‘Suffering is the feeling of being separate or limited.’  Marlies Cocheret

There is actually very little we need to do.  It is often our relentless doing that ties us up in knots of separation and confusion. We already are what we are looking for.  As we remain open and unknowing and sensitively explore the layers of conditioning and experience as it appears in our embodiment, the ‘suffering’ is naturally liberated. Our capacity to meet the joys and challenges of life expands, we respond to life rather than react out of fear and habit, we feel more resourced and know a firmer ground beneath our feet.

Psychotherapy and Counselling with me can take place inside the therapy room or outside on the land.  Outdoor therapy is often referred to as nature therapy, and the numerous benefits to our physical and mental health from reconnecting to nature and the seasonal changes are well documented.

I am a UKCP registered psychotherapist with a transpersonal, integrative, mindfulness-based approach.  I have been in private practice for over a decade and have since explored Ecopsychology and studied and trained in shamanic practice with Northern Drum. I am a Craniosacral Therapist and also offer Spiritual Accompaniment as part of my work. I have worked as part of the Maggie’s Cancer Care team in Oxford and have a particular interest in supporting women through times of change and transition.