Spiritual Inquiry & Mentoring

Spiritual Mentoring is engaged with exploring what gives meaning to our life and asking the question, who am I?  It can also be an exploration of our sense of belonging.  Our spirituality involves the movement of our heart, and can be that aspect of our self that listens and questions deeply, that seeks that which is seeking us, and that understands through embodied experience the deep underlying unity of life. The expressions of our spirituality are unique to each person and are being expressed continuously throughout our life.  For some spirituality is part of a religious framework, for others it is not.  Our spirituality is an expression of our choices, values, relationships, and our formal or informal spiritual practices.

The possibilities of what might be explored are manifold, below are some common themes;

  • Meditation practice
  • Exploring blocks to engaging in practice
  • Exploring existential and ecological concerns
  • Exploring ways of praying
  • Our relationship with silence
  • Integrating spiritual experiences into daily life
  • Being with not knowing and uncertainty
  • Practicing contemplative awareness

The spiritual path is rarely easy.  The questions and challenges along the way stretch and surprise us bringing fresh perspectives and new landscapes to explore.  We can be supported on our journey by having someone to inquire with, who can listen and provide a safe supportive space in which to reflect, question, doubt and explore.  An alive inquiry into our spirituality is a deepening of our engagement with life, and the journey is as much about letting go as it is about cultivating.

Our spiritual path is a journey of the re-awakening of our intuitive wisdom, clarity and compassion. As we awaken to who we truly are we can live with more love, discernment and a greater capacity for life and service.   

‘The longing you express is the return message’ Jalaluddin Rumi

A spiritual mentor is not a spiritual teacher or guru, and is someone who has a depth of practice, relevant experiences and training, and who keeps on participating in the mystery of life with an open heart.  For me this work has grown organically through years of meditation, being at art school, my work as a contemplative psychotherapist and facilitating contemplative inquiry groups.  I was raised a Roman Catholic, and my life path and practices have influences from the Buddhist tradition, earth-centred spirituality, poetry and paying deep attention to what causes suffering and what brings genuine happiness.  Inspiration and guidance comes from wise ones who have walked this path before me, solitary and group meditation retreats, including 2 month-long silent retreats, and from participating in Vision Quests.