this being human


We can all see that we live in times of great change, challenge and opportunity. As human beings we are being called from every direction to live more consciously, and embody the Reality of who we are. Whether we currently feel able to respond to this call or not, we are being invited and being shown how, to live as the beautiful, conscious, discerning beings that at heart, we are. In harmony, respect and balance with the diversity of creatures and beings that we share this world, this Unity of existence with.

We know that there is great kindness, love and deep creativity within our human community; we are that community. We also know that we live in times of imbalance, confusion and fear, just as people have done in times before ours. How would it be to reframe the discomfort and agitation that we can feel as the deep intelligence of Being calling us to wake up! We are not a problem to be solved. We are embodied mystery seeking to know her or him self as the unique expressions that we are. It is time for the rebalancing of the deep feminine with the deep masculine, and we are the people we have been waiting for.

In her book Pioneering the Possible, Scilla Elworthy draws upon a particular image of Kwan Yin (the divine feminine aspect in the Buddhist tradition), in which this maternal archetype stands barefoot, grounded, calm and present with a willow branch in one hand and a vase of flowing water in the other, on the back of a ferocious red dragon thrashing across a stormy sea. Elworthy sees this image as an archetypal balance between the deep feminine power and the deep masculine energy that is key to any effective social change. The change we so desperately want to see in the world happens as we courageously and compassionately turn within and meet ourselves fully. Grace unfolds this process; and our clarity of outer action and direction arises from the deep inner wellspring of our true humanity.

You are your own medicine, and many have forgotten this. My work is to remind you of this and to accompany you as you remember who you are, and respond to the call to come home, deeply home to your true nature.


In addition to the contextual information given on the following pages I have a background as an artist, a love of things hand-made and of the dear patchwork of earth that is my allotment. I have been a foster carer, work as a transpersonal psychotherapist and for many years worked with people living with life threatening and terminal illness, at times as part of the team at the Maggie’s Cancer Care Centre, Oxford. For over 25 years, and through many different forms I have accompanied folk on the unique passage here for us all, as we deeply inquire into this being human. Mother Earth calls me home, as does the sweet dynamic stillness of Being, boundlessly present, compassionately welcoming, never not here. I take a deep bow of gratitude to all my teachers, loved ones and guides in your myriad forms.