this being human
a compassionately held exploration of what matters


We can see that we live in times of great change, challenge and opportunity.  As human beings we are being called from every direction to live more consciously and with greater discernment, in our human relationships, in the choices we make about how we live our lives, and in our relationship with the vast body of this earth.

We know that there is great kindness, love and creativity within our human communities. We also know that we live in times of imbalance, confusion and fear, just as people have done in times before oursJoanna Macy, environmental activist, author and deep ecologist, sees that we are all being called to wake up! and know ‘the grandeur of who we really are’. She calls these times The Great Turning.  Simply being alive now brings us face to face with the Turning, and with this comes a disturbance of questions that asks us; how do you want to live your wild and precious life?  And what is it that really matters to you?

How would it be to realize that the discomfort, agitation and anxiety we can feel is actually the deep intelligence of Being impelling us to wake up and come home to the everyday grandeur of who we are?  The suffering we feel isn’t a mistake. As we compassionately turn towards the feeling of suffering, we create an intimacy with life itself.  What was brittle, softens, what was parched, moistens, and healing has begun.

The change we so desperately want to see in our lives and in the world starts with meeting ourselves how we are, in our embodied experience.  You are your own medicine, and many have forgotten this.  My work is to remind you of this and to accompany you as you remember who you are, and respond to the call to come home, deeply home to your true nature.


This mystery of being human has been calling me home for as long as I can remember.  Propelled by an awareness of the immense suffering of our human condition and our potential for real happiness, joy and ease, the quest to know who I really am emerged.  In my early 20’s feeling utterly dislocated and deeply unhappy, my suffering manifest as an eating disorder. On waking one morning in the depths of the despair, I realised that this was hell, and I’d had enough of living this way.  And so began this extraordinary journey, here for us all, to ‘know thyself’. Through creativity, kindness, grieving and walking I slowly began to see things differently.  I went on to mentor others in crisis utilizing my background as an artist. I later trained and work as a Transpersonal Psychotherapist (UKCP registered) and Craniosacral Therapist, and my love of the earth took me into shamanic study and practice. I have been a foster carer, and for many years worked with people living with serious illness and their families, including being part of the Maggie’s Cancer Care Centre, team in Oxford. 
Walking, movement practice, creating simple ceremony and my beloved allotment all call me home.